The C-Suite Accounting Guide

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The C-Suite Accounting Guide was created to give the leadership team a CLEAR breakdown on the effects of the daily accounting processes on the entire business. After reading this one, I guarantee you will be able to create an much more effective plan of action to eliminate the loopholes and weaknesses in the daily accounting processes that can affect client retention, partnerships, service delivery, reporting, revenue, operating expenses and the growth potential of the business.

This 10-Page E-Book is packed with Strategies, Solutions and Checklists that will help you increase the effectiveness of the control mechanisms implemented in your business while increasing efficiency, accuracy and accountability at every level in the chain of command. If you are trying to reduce expenses, serious about the growth of your service business or trying to implement the PROACTIVE approach in accounting, this is for YOU! If you are a manager, accounting professional or even an auditor who wants to increase the value provide daily in accounting, this is also for YOU!

After this one, you will be able to hold the entire accounting team to higher standards of accuracy, efficiency and personal accountability while increasing client retention and the level of service you provide through accounting.

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