Accounting Power Sessions

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Accounting Power Sessions are 2-hour one-on-one sessions where we customized and formulate the accounting and oversight checklists, strategy and solutions based on the specific issues identified.

After accounting for Small Businesses, Private Equity Owned Companies, Publicly Traded Companies and Government, effective control mechanisms, oversight and eliminating financial losses through accounting are my top priorities. My goal is to help you solve the accounting and oversight problems related to your business, through my knowledge and experience with the daily accounting processes.

Multiple currencies??? Let us talk about your FX account reconciliations, global payments, and the payment service provider reconciliations.

Multiple entities in multiple countries???? Let us talk about intercompany transactions, transparency, and accurate accounting.

Oversight and Accounting Challenges???? Let strategize the solutions for your AR, AP, reconciliations, oversight checklist, transaction audits and internal audits.

Included with the power sessions are:

  • Objective Accounting's Personal and Team Assessment (download available upon purchase).
  • The Accounting O-rings/Seals Guide and the reasons they can become ineffective.
  • The AR and AP Case Study E-Books (download available upon purchase of this session).

Topics Covered:

  • The ERP Accounting Systems.
  • Accounting and Client Retention.
  • Revenue (Billing and Invoicing).
  • Accounts payables and the electronic payment method controls.
  • Oversight and the monitoring and evaluation strategies for accounting.
  • The Daily Accounting Processes and the control mechanisms implemented.
  • Effective reconciliations and 2020 training guide for accounting with accuracy, efficiency, and transparency.

Looking forward to helping you solve your accounting and oversight challenges with long term solution! Calendy and Zoom link available once purchased.